Project: Rock Haus

This was a portion of a complete renovation of this 1920’s ‘Arts-and Crafts’ style home. The entire landscape was removed (except some beautiful old specimen trees) over the course of adding a pool, pool house and deck, retaining walls and walks all around the property. The plant palette was chosen to reflect the era, blending some more traditional plants such as Bougainvillea and succulents with some newer cultivars such as “Icee Blue” Podocarpus and Metrosideros “Springfire” for privacy hedges.

The irrigation system is primarily “Netafim” drip tubing installed in rows throughout the landscaped areas, with separate systems for larger plants and specimen trees, which require much more water than the surrounding smaller plants. Sprinkler systems incorporate “MP Rotator” low gallonage sprinklers, for efficient water application on turf and a larger slope area.

The turf is both artificial (on a structure roof) and “Seashore Paspallum”, which is a very low growing warm season grass with significantly lower water requirements than the usual fescue. The Landscape lighting is Auroralight, a local landscape lighting company, which designs and builds light fixtures that are solid brass and copper with a very “Craftsman” style which fits the architecture of this building quite perfectly.

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