Project: Mission Hills Estate

This property is one of our multi award-winning gardens that has continued to improve over the fifteen or more years since we first installed the planting, irrigation, and landscape lighting. We also provided landscape maintenance here over those years so we were able to resolve some long running issues regarding stressed older mature specimen trees, as well as adjusting the plant palette and irrigation along the way for areas that required changes or modifications or plant ‘refreshment’.

This project received the Judges’ Award in the CLCA Beautification Awards for 2023, which is awarded to a project with the best overall landscape maintenance. This property has also received several previous awards for Landscape Construction and Landscape Lighting.

This project has matured, and the plants and trees have grown dramatically since the installation was completed due to good plant choices, a very extensive drip irrigation system, high quality long-lasting landscape lighting fixtures and of course, years of consistent and thorough maintenance and improvements.

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